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A strong community bank with

strong community values… since 1910

For over a century, First State Bank of Beecher City has been providing personal service to its friends and neighbors.

Beginning as a private institution, P.R. Phillips & Co, Bankers of Beecher City started in 1907. Later in 1910, The First State Bank of Beecher City was incorporated with 14 original stockholders and began construction of a new building. Pren R. Phillips served as the original bank president and remained so until 1924. John T. Allsop served as the original Vice-President, with Walter J. Campbell cashier and Thomas G. Morris assistant cashier. The original bank was a two story building, and while the ground level operated as the bank the upper level was the town theatre. The Princess Theatre presented plays beginning as early as 1916. The bank was remodeled several times, the largest construction took place in 1985. It was then that the upper level of the building was removed, and the current design was created. While the remodel was underway the bank was fully functional.

old system calendar of first state bank Beecher city

Old inside picture of first state bank Beecher city

older outside view of first state bank Beecher city

Outside construction view

Member of the FDIC
Equal Housing Lender

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